Reviving tradition, embracing art:

The legacy of André-Charles Boulle

This is where the Boulle story starts: at Versailles, the royal court of ‘Sun’ king Louis XIV, a true patron of the arts, who supported the finest craftsmen of the day, encouraging them to push their skills to the limit, to set new standards and to create new value.

André-Charles Boulle “Premier ébeniste du Roi”, crafted marquetry ― with nature as his inspiration ― of extreme refinement. Unique masterpieces that can be recognized by the mastery in the inlay of precious materials into wood or tortoise shell. No artist, before or since, has used these motifs with such an array of astonishing skills, courage and surety. This is why to this day this craft is known as “Boulle Work”.

Reviving this extraordinary art and conserving it for generations to come, is at the heart of Boulle and the exquisite jewellery that is inspired by it.

Striving for excellence in all its complexity made André-Charles Boulle’s marquetry inlay transcend contemporary furniture to become Objets d’Art, unique in their own right. Embracing this vision, every creation carrying the Boulle Signature is made by master craftsmen who are continuously endeavouring to redefine their skills in order to achieve the unique status of Art.

Ecole Boulle


Mining the Rarest Diamonds

The Boulle Mining Group

For decades, the name ‘Boulle’ has been synonymous with mining minerals, metals and precious stones. Boulle marks the latest venture for the renowned Boulle Mining Group, the diversified investment group founded by Jean-Raymond Boulle. Known for its dynamism and expertise, Boulle Mining Group partners with some of the largest global institutions and conglomerates to discover, finance and develop mineral deposits throughout the world.

Such a rich and illustrious mining heritage gives Boulle pride of place in the industry, with direct access to the world’s primary diamond mines, either directly or through its mining partnerships.

Our unbeatable global reach means we have the finest resources available to find our clients the gem of their dreams.



Top Marques Monaco 2013

Boulle will be presenting its 2013 jewellery collection at Top Marques Monaco including unique polished and rough diamond jewellery with special pieces designed and crafted in partnership with the world’s most famous jewellery school, the Ecole Boulle in Paris.


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